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We're excited to introduce you to SuperHi Unlimited

For an early bird discount fee of $360 USD a year (or your currency's equivalent), our membership will grant you yearly access to the entire catalog of SuperHi courses and extra community benefits, and early access to features!

Our 8-week courses cost $499 USD individually, so our yearly membership gives you more bang for your buck and the ultimate freedom to pick up new skills!

Get creative, feel supported, meet new people, and have fun learning... all-in-one.

Take a look at what SuperHi Unlimited has to offer...

Available on sign-up

💥 Certificates of completion

💥 Tailored career-path guidance

💥 Early access to new features

💥 Ongoing career support and advice

💥 Access to our amazing SuperHi community

💥 Access to regular SuperLibrary articles and tutorials

💥 Immediate access to all SuperHi courses (existing and future)

💥 Access to all new and updated courses, as they are published (8+ courses to be released by March 2022)

Coming soon...

💥 Community-led initiatives like mentorships, new student onboarding sessions & group study sessions

💥 Live AMA (Ask Me Anything) events

💥 Access to course picker tool

💥 Peer mentorship scheme

💥 Partner discounts

💥 ... and more!!

SuperHi provides support that actually helps. 1:1 sessions and forever access to our online Slack community of students from around the world means you have expert, personalized help at your fingertips. Our course is practical, unlike other programs that take a month or more before you make your first website.

The benefit of taking the SuperHi course is that while you still get to learn at your own pace, we will be here to guide you each week. Our students report that other free educational programs lacked community and incentive, so here at SuperHi we aim to foster both.

We think our students say it best:

"I’ve tried many online courses and I think SuperHi is way better for two main reasons: A) it’s straightforward, from day 1 it helps you to build up something, this is so rewarding. B) It’s not only a video course but it has a really nice community of people helping each other over Slack. Seeing other people working it, on knowing that there’s someone ready to help you it’s really motivating."

- Fabio

"I went through Code Academy originally learning the basics of coding but felt like I didn't really learn the material. With SuperHi, I'm making really cool website I'm able to tinker with afterwards and they're websites I want to be making in the first place. I love the Slack community and how helpful and friendly everyone is. I honestly recommended SuperHi to a friend before I even began my courses."

- Hanan

"You didn't scare me by making programming sound super hard like everyone does. You make it sound accessible, I like the way things are explained and the way you feel progression every week."

- Isabel

"It's like when you have a friend who's both really good at and passionate about something and every time they talk about it you can't help but get excited about it too. That's kind of what it's like taking a class and interacting with the SuperHi community. " - Beau

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Meet SuperHi Unlimited, our yearly membership that unlocks all our courses, extra community perks, early access + more. SuperHi Unlimited is $360 USD a year (or your currency's equivalent) and is auto-renewed every year. We don't offer month-to-month membership payment options and auto-renewing means you won't receive multiple renewal notices (no spam!) and you'll never miss out on SuperHi Unlimited!

You have the option to keep your membership rolling so you can be a member for as long as you like! 

We're excited to welcome you on board! To sign up to SuperHi Unlimited, visit our Membership page and click the "Join" button to follow the steps. Once you sign up, head on over to your Student Dashboard and you'll be good to go!

Yes, you can definitely sign up and upgrade to SuperHi Unlimited! Not only will you get instant access to our entire course catalog, but you'll also receive extra community benefits, discounts, and early access to features!

If you've already bought courses with SuperHi, you'll always have lifetime access to the course(s) you've purchased and the progress as well!

To sign up directly, have a look at SuperHi Unlimited for any special offers and more info!

Yes, you can! All you need to do is send the links to your completed projects over to [email protected] at the end of your course. We will review them, provide feedback if necessary, and then issue your Certificate(s) of Completion!

Your SuperHi Unlimited membership will renew automatically using the payment details on file for your account. Auto-renewing means you won't receive multiple renewal notices (no spam!) and you'll never miss out on SuperHi Unlimited!

You can manage your payments from the Membership Settings page. If you do want to cancel the year ahead, you can do so any time before your renewal date.

While we don't offer free trials of SuperHi Unlimited, you can get a feel for our courses and teaching by signing up for our Plan, Design + Code Your First Website course. This free course is go-at-your-own pace and has 4+ hours of video lessons that will teach you, from start to finish, how to get your very first website online. It's an introductory crash course to learn a range of new creative, digital skills so that you can start making things online for fun or take your career to the next level.

If our intro course tickles your fancy, you can sign up for our SuperHi Unlimited membership, unlocking our whole course catalog, extra community benefits, and more!

We update our courses regularly to make sure we're teaching the most up-to-date concepts, techniques, and content – in SuperHi style, of course! You'll have access to all course updates when you have an active membership.

Whenever we run course updates, you'll get notified and you'll be automatically shifted to the updated course!

You can access your billing information from the Membership Settings page by following these instructions:

  • Go to your Profile button (top right corner of your homepage)

  • Click on "Membership Settings"

  • And lastly "Manage Payments"

On that page, you can view and download your invoices by clicking the “View” link next to each payment.

If you'd like to update your payment details, you can do so directly by accessing your Membership Settings. Once you update the info, it'll be set as your default payment and you won't need to worry!

We hope you are happy with your purchase. However, if you are not completely satisfied with it, you can request a refund within 7 days of purchase and if you've watched less than one hour of course videos. If you'd like to go ahead with a refund, please email us at [email protected].

Please see our Terms of Use for more information on our refund and return policies.

Remember that with access, you'll get the SuperHi community support and you can pick up your courses again whenever you are ready. We’re always here to help you learn the course material if you get stuck on a concept too. If you're not sure if a course is right for you, ask our team, we're here to help you take the best learning path for where you're at and where you want to get to!